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Evangelist Vincent Nyarko Recruit Naf Kassi On “Kyere Me Kwan”

Gospel artiste Evangelist Vincent Nyarko is out with his much awaited single of the year.

“Kyere Me Kwan” which is the title of this first single from Vincent Nyarko features highlife songstress and western region’s reigning Best Female Artist of the year, Naf Kassi

“Kyere Me Kwan”, which was produce by Jake on da Beatz, sew Naf Kassi proving why she is not only the Best female artist but also a vocal goddess when it comes to singing

Vincent Nyarko on why he chose to collaborate with a secular artist on this song said, “I believe any gospel musician who cannot mingle freely and work with musicians who do not belong to the gospel fraternity has a problem. If we cannot take our message of Christ to our fellow musicians with whom we belong to the same profession, then we have no business attempting to reach others”.

Im proud of the collaboration with Naf Kassi because at the end of the day, she has helped my ministry. She has done God’ss work and this is just the beginning of such collaborations, Evg Vincent Nyarko concluded.

You may call it unusual but the idea is just to get my ministry as a gospel musician to reach a new audience and a large audience for that matter.

The song talks advice people to seek the path of their Creator, and also to resist from things that do not edify the body and the soul.

Watch the official video below

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