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Ghana Music Won’t Grow Unless Artistes Support One Another – Naf Kassi


Songstress Naf Kassi has stated that Ghana’s music industry is not growing the way it should because the country’s artistes don’t support one another the best way they should be doing.

She indicated that Ghanaian musicians do not go out of their way to support the good works of other musicians unless “they are in clique”, a situation she described as “not the best.”

Naf Kassi, who spoke in an interview with AlltinezGh.Com recently about her new single titled ‘Me Mbo Tuo’ , called on Ghanaians to support their own in order to foster the growth of the industry.

“It is really important as Ghanaians to support each other because I have seen that we don’t really support each other. I mean I can use myself as an example, I don’t know if I am allowed to say this but it’s like who you know. It’s like a clique, if you are not in that click then you are not going to be supported. But it shouldn’t be like that because our neighbouring countries like Nigeria, for example, they reach out to each other. I am sure we will get there. It’s a good cause; we support each other,” Naf Kassi indicated.

“We can’t grow as a music industry if we don’t support each other the way we are supposed to. I mean it’s a game and competition but at the end of the day we all want one thing; the betterment of music in Ghana. So we have to support each other.

When it gets to the time when we have to play the game we play it and still show love to one another,” she added.

Naf Kassi is currently promoting her new single titled ‘Me Mbo Tuo’.

‘Me Mbo Tuo’ was produced by Jake On The Beat.

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