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I Blame Leadership For The State Of The Entertainment Industry – Mr Logic

Artiste manager and entertainment pundit, Mr Logic, is baring his teeth at Ghana’s leaders for the unfortunate state of the country’s entertainment industry.

In a video sighted by Ghanaweb.com, a visibly upset Mr Logic asked why after 60 years of independence Ghana would still be referred to as a developing nation.

Mr Logic, who refuses to identify himself with the term developing said he blames leadership for this unfortunate situation. He said leadership has been elected to enact laws that will help artistes enjoy the fruits of their labour through royalties. He said government is to make laws to help GHAMRO collect royalties for artistes and it is unfortunate that they have failed in this regard, and he blames them squarely.

“We always say that we are a developing country, no, I refuse to be called developing…at my age am I not developed? Are we still babies? So, the system is still a child since 1957, we are still children, how long? So me, I will lay the blame on leadership. We will blame them because we don’t have the power to make laws, the laws are made for us; so now, we are asking you to make laws that will give us a good life, which is to help GHAMRO to collect the royalties. The sector minister should wake up, she should speak to the right people,” Mr Logic said.

Many musicians have complained about the meagre royalties they receive from GHAMRO, the collecting body that pays royalties to artistes. GHAMRO, on the other hand, has complained about lack of systems that will enable them to track radio and TV stations that use artistes work to be able to collect the right amount due the artistes.

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