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I Once Received A GH¢100 Cheque From GHAMRO As Royalty – Kwaisey Pee

Ghanaian high-life musician, Kwaisey Pee, has recounted an instance where he was paid GH¢100 by the Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO) as royalty.

According to him, it was disheartening to have received such a meagre amount from the organization considering the amount of hardwork and efforts invested in his music career.

“Those times I was given GH¢100 cheque to go to the bank and withdraw. That is ridiculous because if you look at the idea, time and energy I put in my work, and you come claiming your royalties and they give you GH¢100, it’s so disheartening,” he established during an interview with Lerny Lomotey on ‘Lalafio’.

He added that what he earns from some digital platforms such as iTunes and so on cannot be compared to what is being paid to musicians in Ghana as royalties.

“When I was in Europe, I had the chance to sign a contract with a distribution label. All my songs are on ITunes and stuff where I get my quarterly revenue,” he stated.

When asked by the host to mention the largest amount of money he has received as royalties, Kwaisey Pee replied by saying “The last and most money I received from GHAMRO is GH¢1, 200 and that was even several years back.”

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