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I Will Never Do Songs My Kids Won’t Be Proud Of – Naf Kassi

Ghanaian Musician Naf Kassi says she will not compose a song she believes his children can not patronise.

According to her, musicians across the country must pay attention to the content in their music since they have the tendency to affect them later in life.

Speaking on E-Xtra on AHOBRASEYE FM inside Asankregwa with MC Bobo Zaro, the ‘Me Mbo Tuo’ singer said, “I wouldn’t want to put myself in a place where my kids can’t listen to my songs. I think we musicians must watch the contents we put out.”

Speaking further, she said, “Some of the songs we did in the past, you listen and you be like, woow we shouldn’t have done that. As musicians we are creating today’s music but how’s it gonna reflect in the future?”

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