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‘Many Ghanaian Artistes Don`t Want To Pay For A Better Sound Quality’ – DDT

Music Producer, Elijah Nortey Thompson (DDT) has reviewed some reasons why our industry don’t progress when it come to the quality aspect of our sound comparing to Nigerians

According to him, many Nigerian songs’ sound quality is not of standard compared to the Ghanaian songs.

“Ghanaians have better sound quality than Nigerians. Most Nigerian songs are very bad! Many Nigerian songs doesn’t have better sound quality. Look, if Don Jazzy could call Kaywa to come and mix and master for him, it tells you that Ghanaians have better sound quality. Even if the Ghanaian songs are not good, they are better than Nigerians”.

According to him, most producers try to do the mixing and mastering of songs themselves instead of consulting a fellow engineer for an assistance which is not supposed to be.

He again disclosed that he spends more days before mixing and mastering a song to his satisfaction.

“Mixing is not a one day job. I spend days before mixing and mastering a song to my satisfaction. Most Ghanaian artistes don’t get better sound quality because they don’t want to pay. Some are willing to pay but they don’t have” he added.

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