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Peter Okoye Blames Fans Over P Square’s Split

Nigerian musician, Peter Okoye of the defunct music group P Square, has slammed fans trolling him that he and his brother Paul would have won a Grammy if they were still together doing music.

In a live session with some of his fans who pleaded he should go and mend things with his brother, he said the fans were partly the reason their group P Square split.

“If it is painful for you, it’s not painful for us. You guys don’t matter anymore. Let me say it openly, if you are a P Square angry fan, you guys don’t matter anymore. It’s not about you guys anymore, it’s about us. Go and deal with your sour. Don’t let me hit on you guys because you guys don’t even deserve it. Because you guys are amongst the people that contributed to the breakup. Two brothers doing their own thing, you try to say one is better than one. Una don gets wetin una want. You guys are doing that to Davido and Wizkid, maybe when they start taking arms and killing themselves, you guys will be happy. You guys go deal with your sour, we have to move on, you should move on too (sic).”

Paul and Peter Okoye, who were born identical twin brothers, are some of Nigeria’s celebrated musicians. They produced and released their albums through Square Records as a group.

But on September 25, 2017, report that they had disbanded filled the airwaves after Peter reportedly sent a resignation letter to the group’s lawyer.

They have since refused calls for a comeback.

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